Thursday, March 10, 2011

Florals, pastels, shorts & Flowing fabrics are all sure signs that Spring is on its way and we've loaded up in hopes that Mother Nature will get a hint! We are so excited about our new arrivals (and we're hoping you are too) so here's a little peak!

Whether you're feeling safari chic, nautical, boho or vintage, it's here and there is always more on its way. Our Spring brands include LovelyGirl, 2Two, MiaMelon, Katrina Tuttle, Pink Martini, BBDakota, Jack, PinkBerry, Lustre, Lush, DEPT, Piko1988 & Aubrey.

-Twisted Muse


  1. everything looks gorgeous!
    especially the grey long sleeve tee, with what appears to be a gold sequin pocket? brand and price point? my mummy is finally out of the hospital and going to halifax tmrw. maybe she can stop in!! xx

  2. Hey!
    The grey top is by Audrey and is $62.00.
    It is one of our faves!

  3. Great photos, the blog looks wonderful. Is Daniel working his mad skillz? Love to all.. xo